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We are one of the leading research laboratories in the United States investigating solutions that will improve the medical health of Americans and people around the world. Preventative healthcare starts with what we eat and how we live.

Our laboratory is discovering new materials and new processes that will improve our diet by limiting excessive fat consumption and reducing dietary fats that are known to be risk factors for chronic disease.

We seek support from industry and government agencies in our mission to improve peoples lives.

Our laboratory at Utah State University is accustomed to working with private  industry.

… but how do you benefit by supporting our research?

Here are a few ways that your company benefits:

  • channels to latest ground breaking research underway in the U.S.
    and around the world
  • access novel intellectual property and gain first
    to market advantage
  • expands your internal R&D activities and accomplish more, faster
  • gain access to highly qualified personnel that you know and trust.  Our students are your future.

We look forward to discussing mutually beneficial projects with you.

Funding opportunities are now available for:

  • Masters students
  • Ph.D. students
  • Equipment and infrastructure

Please do not hesitate to contact:

Silvana Martini Ph.D.,  Department of Nutrition, Dietetics and Food Sciences, Utah State University, t. 435-797-8136   e. [email protected]

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