Prospective graduate students

Graduate students from around the world and across the United States have successfully completed Ph.D. and Masters degrees in our laboratory. They now enjoy the fruit of their hard work in challenging and rewarding careers. Our graduate students have an excellent record securing employment in their area of interest and with industry’s leading companies. Many of our foreign students have decided stay in North America and further their experience here.

Our graduate student program is demanding, but very rewarding. If you are interested you will be expected to maintain high academic and research standards. Expect to work during the day, after hours, and on weekends to maximize your experience. We have a busy laboratory so the ability to interact and cooperate well with your colleagues is essential. We attend scientific meetings and conferences on a regular basis. It is expected that you will attend and present your work at these meetings. This is an excellent opportunity improve your communications skills and network with future colleagues and potential employers.

We do have a lot of interest from students interested in pursuing graduate studies in our laboratory. Unfortunately we cannot accept all applicants and our ability to take on additional students depends on both funding and resource limitations.  Graduate students entering our program typically have an academic background in one or more of Food Science, Chemistry, Biochemistry, Physics,  Engineering.  If you are interested in joining our graduate student research team please do not hesitate to contact me.

Silvana Martini Ph.D.,    Associate Professor,    Department of Nutrition, Dietetics, and Food Sciences,    Utah State University,    e. [email protected]

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